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Terms of Service   

Publish in 23th of March 2021

NO. 0.1.1



Terms and Conditions:

These general terms and conditions apply to the seller and the buyer on Yujad application, and these general terms and conditions organize your use of the application and any related service.

When you use the site, you must accept these general terms and conditions, and in incase that you do not agree, your use of Yujad application is not allowed.

If you agree to the terms, you acknowledge:

You have obtained the necessary safety to agree to these terms and conditions and You must be committed to it.

Service description and content policy:

Yujad application is an online marketplace that allows users who agree to the terms and conditions to offer their products for sale or purchase through the Internet. Yujad app is such as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and has no other relationship than to facilitate the buying and selling process.

It also provides you with a video service where you can advertise any product and publish it via video to explain all details to help you in the selling process.

It provides you to present the product or service in an easy way and put more than 8 pictures in addition to helping you to write content and present your product or service in the best way.

Yujad application completely disclaims its responsibility for those dealings towards any party in buying and selling process, as using Yujad application and website is at your own risk.

Yujad application has nothing to do with the content of advertisements, product and commercial information, messages between users, pictures and videos that the customer publishes, whether for sale or purchase.

Also, it is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, as Yujad application is only a mediator that facilitates the buying and selling process and offers the service or product.

Yujad application does not allow the activities of copyright infringement and infringement of intellectual property rights on Yujad application and does not support any content, opinion or statement, and it may remove any content that does not meet the conditions, as before the removal process the customer is informed several times about Errors and in the event of lack of attention or change the removal will be done.

Registration and account:

Registration is not allowed for the age under 18 years old. The person must be an adult and capable, aware of all the legal terms and conditions, as well as, qualified to act and agree to all the conditions since Yujad app is not intended for children.

If you are under than 18 years old, you must send your data confirmation and the data of the legal guardian so that you can use the application.

You can register to create an account on Yujad application, according to the terms and conditions.

Make sure that the data and information provided for registration are correct, so that you do not face a problem.

When entering the site you are required to type email / username / password.

In that case, you must keep the password and do not share it anywhere, and incase that you share it, you are responsible.

Terms of use:

Yujad application is allowed at any time to update the conditions according to its study and status, in which case we send you a notification of the updates.


You allow the Yujad application to have the right to reject any information that is not appropriate for the application.

Such as :

In the case of advertising illegal services or placing prohibited goods, according to the law

In the case of contacting persons who requested to not to be contacted or making contact with any person for any purpose that is not permitted.

It is not allowed to post obscene comments against anyone in order not to be held legally accountable.

It is not allowed to request any personal data from any client.

In the event that the product is published out of a place dedicated to it, the product will be deleted, but after instructing the advertiser that the product is not in its correct place, and if you do not modify its place, it will be deleted.

Notice of Violations:

Yujad application has  does not bear any responsibility for any violation related to publishing, printing or any other things, but if you notice that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you can contact us to delete the relevant content

But this will happen with conditions:

Existence of a actual or electronic signature.

Determine which property rights have been violated.

Determine the infringing content by sending data or contacting customer service.

Leave all personal data and information such as e-mail and phone number to connect with you easily and quickly.


We agree to compensation in the Yujad app in case of violating any of the terms and conditions or violating any right of the other party.

Spam Prevention Policy:

It is necessary for you to know that if you send an unwanted email or includes incorrect data, it will be prevented according to the conditions and the law.

You also agree that Yujad app has the right to monitor the use of e-mail to report inappropriate words.

Dealing with organizations and individuals:

It is necessary for you to know and agree that Yujad application has no relationship or responsibility for your relationships with organizations or individuals, as well as it is not responsible for the sale and purchase process where it takes place or when or the method of payment or delivery of the product it also does not guarantee you any guarantees as the deal is between you and the customer only, However, you agree that we have no responsibility or cause for any losses or any problem between you and the client or the existence of fraud cases.

Restriction and termination of service:

You know and agree that Yujad application has the right to suspend or delete the service, also stop e-mail and block your IP address at its own discretion.

Furthermore, it specifies days for the product or service and has the right to stop or delete them.

Assignment of Warranties:

You agree that the use of Yujad application is at your responsibility and that we do not have any relationship and we do not guarantee you any guarantees that you are only guaranteed popularity suitable for a specific purpose and the application  Yujad absolves all officials or managers, employees and agents of the existence of any defect that occurred in the application Yujad, it also, do not assume any responsibility for mistakes of explanation of the product, as you must be careful when dealing with the buyer and seller.


You cannot transfer the ownership or assign the site account or the license to anyone else, and any assignment or transfer you make is void and will not be activated as you must back to Yujad application.

No Paid posts:

In case that you want to publish an advertisement, you must know that it is for full free, and you will be responsible for the content and for compliance with the conditions, furthermore.